Stay-at-Home Order Impact Update

The club can confirm that the Province of Ontario Stay-at-home order in effect as of today, Thursday, January 14th, does not prevent people from skiing or snowshoeing at Murphy’s Point Provincial Park. Individual skiing and small groups of 5 or less can continue as before. However, our lessons, including Jackrabbits, are postponed until further notice.

We are still allowed to ski and the club will be grooming as conditions allow.

Adult lessons and Jack Rabbits have been postponed until further notice.

Our COVID plan will be updated to reflect new requirements.

Due to the increased need to get out of the house to exercise, the trails at Murphy’s Point have seen an exponential increase in walkers. Unfortunately, many have been walking on groomed skate trails. The foot traffic is affecting the quality of the trails. If, while you are out skiing, you meet walkers who are using the side of the trail, please thank them for their courtesy and trail etiquette.


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