AGM Summary

Here are a few highlights from the AGM:

  • This marks the 39th year in partnership with Murphys Point Provincial Park!
  • Drew and Phill are returning as President and Vice for one more 2-year term with no extensions. They were acclaimed.
  • Last year was a banner year for memberships with 310. The Park expects another busy year so they have increased staff to help with traffic and parking.
  • The club has money in the bank for operating and some in reserve. We are in good financial shape.
  • Trail clean-up has started and the main work day is Saturday, November 13th, from 8 to 12.
  • Youth and adult lessons/programs will continue this year with COVID protocols.
  • The 5-person grooming team did a great job as many of the groomers learned on the job. Robert stepped down as coordinator at the end of the season. Bob will coordinate grooming for this season.
  • The Lanark Loppet was replaced with the virtual race and the Distance Challenge last year. This year, the loppet has been tentatively scheduled for February 6th.
  • The club is trying to minimize its carbon footprint. Several ideas were discussed including buying carbon offsets and buying electric groomers. Club member Mary suggested the Park install an EV charging station. Climate Action is on the agenda for the upcoming executive meeting.

That just about sums it up. If you want to contribute to the club, there are many ways you can pitch in (Drew and Phill are seeking replacements, for one!). Go to the Contact page to reach out.

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