Club updates

Here are a few updates from our club’s recent executive meeting:

Trails: A big THANK YOU to all the club volunteers who came out on a rainy Saturday morning. Trailboss Phill reports that the cleanup day on November 13 was very
successful. Ten yards of mulch was spread on the rough portions of the Loon
Lake Trail and a snow fence was erected along the same section. The proposed re-routing of the entrance to the Round Lake Loop across from the winter parking lot was brushed out. Volunteers walked the trails, removed dead fall, and cut back brush through our network of trails.

Grooming team: Four groomers are returning and a fifth has volunteered to join the team. Training will be held in early December.

Climate Change: As lovers of nature and winter, our members are concerned about the impacts of climate change on our sport but also the effect of our activities on the climate. The club’s biggest contributor to climate change is trail grooming. The executive has passed a motion to establish a Green Fund focusing on the purchase of carbon offsets through tree planting and the future purchase of EV grooming equipment. Donations to the fund will be made through the membership page and through requests on this Website as well as our Facebook page. In September, the Club executive authorized a payment of $300 to the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation for tree planting.

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