Trails prepped & ready

On Saturday, November 5th, two dozen members headed out onto the trails on a beautiful fall day to help get them in shape for the ski season. Here is the write up from “Trail Boss” Phill:

Thanks to all for the very important work you put in for the ski club this morning! 

The beautiful weather made it a pretty nice day to be out in the woods, and the  large, pleasant crew was very effective in tackling the tasks. As I mentioned, there may be another call out to volunteers for a simple walk of all the trails to remove debris/ identify larger fallen trees that need chainsawing. November winds often put a fresh deposit of obstacles on our ski trails. When you’re skiing the trails this winter, you can pause and be proud of the work you have done to make everyone’s experience better. 

We’d love to see as many members as possible at the AGM on November 14 at the Perth Pool. Come on out and meet other skiers and snowshoers.

Again, there will be a deal on stylish club tuques and the highly cherished club history book will be available to all participants.  

Thanks again, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


3 thoughts on “Trails prepped & ready

  1. Hello: Just offering my thanks as well to everyone involved in this great effort in trail prep work.
    Missed out last season due to unforeseen circumstances, but will be skiing there this coming
    Winter. Lets all pray for tons of good snow……….cheers,
    Dave Murray

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