First shuttle a success!

Thanks to the recent snowfall, this Saturday marked a return to skiing at Murphys Point! It also marked the first free shuttle bus from Perth to the Provincial Park. The Lanark Transportation shuttle bus picked up at 3 locations in Perth and delivered enthusiastic skiers to Murphys Point for an afternoon of skiing in brilliant sunshine and very good trail conditions.

The ride was smooth, relaxing, and right on time. Skiers engaged in a lively conversation along the route, discussing gear and sharing stories. Club member Brent Maguire said, “I am sold on this shuttle. I plan to take it again!”. 

Consider taking the Shuttle in the coming weeks. It’s easy, accessible, and reduces our carbon footprint in getting to the park. You may also get to know some of the other skiers you see on the trails. 

Check the Shuttle page for all the details.  

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