Murphys now closed

That’s it for Murphys Point Provincial Park for the 2022-2023 winter season. The park is now officially closed. Skiers can ski at their own risk until the trails are impassable and the gates can be closed (they’re snowed in).

The park website indicates that trails are closed. No trail conditions will be listed.

Please note that our club’s distance challenge is still open until next Sunday. You can ski anywhere you like and record the distance HERE.

And finally, since the season has officially ended, the free shuttle from Perth to Murphys is no longer running. Many thanks to Lanark Transportation for a productive partnership!

One thought on “Murphys now closed

  1. Congratulations to everyone involved in making these trails great for skiing Too bad the seasons so short it seems but hopefully next Winter ❄️ we can have our Loppet again Cheers

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