Valentine’s Challenge

Are you ready for your first ever Valentine’s Day Ski Challenge?

This February 14th, you and a partner can compete to ski as many KMs as you can between 7:30 am and 7:30 pm on Valentine’s Day 💕 This is a Cross Country Ski Ontario (XCSO) challenge.


  • Can my partner be in a different club or region than me? YES.
  • Do my personal KMs for this challenge also count towards the general distance challenge? YES
  • Where do I record mine and my partner’s KMs for this challenge? Record them here on our club tracking form. We will upload to the provincial site.
May be an image of rose and text that says 'Valentine's Day KM Partner Challenge! How many kilometres can you and a partner ski this Valentine's Day? *See below of details'

Top skiers near 300km

Check out our Kilometre Count page to see who is at the top of our Distance Challenge leader board.

Any club member can enter the distance they have travelled on skis or snowshoes, at Murphys Point or anywhere else (enter the info on our form found here). The challenge is open until March 14th. Our top skiers will be honoured at the end of the season. Anyone skiing over 50, 100, 150, 200km, etc. will also be recognized.

Get out there and ski or snowshoe…and challenge those active folks at the top of our list!

No more new memberships

NOTICE: To club members and the general public using Murphys Point:

In consultation with the staff at Murphys Point Provincial Park, we have closed new membership registrations. Existing memberships are still valid and park day passes are still be available.  This action is to ensure everyone who comes to Murphys Point can park safely and access the trails.  Parking during peak hours on weekends is reaching capacity. 

COVID-19 has affected many things over the past year.  An interest in outdoor activities has been discovered by many and renewed by others.  Popularity in cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking has exploded like bicycling did last summer.  Our membership has tripled compared to last year with other local clubs also experiencing significant growth and limiting membership.

Unfortunately this means parking can be tight on weekends when the snow is good and the weather is nice.  We do not want to have to turn people away because the lot is full.

In an effort to reduce crowding and increase spacing, if you are able, please consider skiing during the week.  If you ski on the weekend, please consider starting earlier in the day or using the second parking lot at Silver Queen Trail / Lally homestead (2.5 km west of the main park entrance). If you have younger kids, please consider starting at Lally homestead. Its small hills, open field, and proximity to the parking lot are more kid-friendly. Night skiing always has parking available for a friend or two, but keep the group below 5 to comply with social gathering limits (club members only).

Please note that the club is increasing the frequency of grooming to ensure the best possible conditions throughout the week. 

If you have membership questions, please use our site’s contact forms.  Other local ski clubs are still welcoming new members (as of January 25) including Triangle Ski Club near Brockville, the Summerstown Trails near Cornwall, and West Carleton Nordic at Fitzroy Park. 

We welcome you to join us on the ski trails but please avoid gathering in groups in the parking lot, chalets, or on the trails.  We don’t want to lose access to the trails we enjoy so close to home. 

Drew Lampman
President of the Tay Valley Cross Country Ski Club

Trail etiquette

As more and more people head to Murphy’s Point to enjoy some time in the outdoors, we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone of winter trail etiquette.

Ontario Parks has published an article on their blog. Here is a link to that article. We have also added an Etiquette page to our Trails section. Please visit that page for a more complete description of proper trail etiquette.

5 Tips for Sharing Winter Trails

  • Read the signs
  • Don’t hike or snowshoe on groomed ski trails
  • Don’t step on groomed tracks
  • Share the trails
  • Be prepared

Head out to the park but please share the trails responsibly.

Signs at the trail head. Note all walkers are asked to remain to the side of groomed trails.

Stay-at-Home Order Impact Update

The club can confirm that the Province of Ontario Stay-at-home order in effect as of today, Thursday, January 14th, does not prevent people from skiing or snowshoeing at Murphy’s Point Provincial Park. Individual skiing and small groups of 5 or less can continue as before. However, our lessons, including Jackrabbits, are postponed until further notice.

We are still allowed to ski and the club will be grooming as conditions allow.

Adult lessons and Jack Rabbits have been postponed until further notice.

Our COVID plan will be updated to reflect new requirements.

Due to the increased need to get out of the house to exercise, the trails at Murphy’s Point have seen an exponential increase in walkers. Unfortunately, many have been walking on groomed skate trails. The foot traffic is affecting the quality of the trails. If, while you are out skiing, you meet walkers who are using the side of the trail, please thank them for their courtesy and trail etiquette.


Jackrabbit registration closed

The kid’s ski lesson program, known as Jackrabbits (a reference to Jackrabbit Johannsen), is now closed to registration. We have reached our maximum number of participants. This is great news and a reflection of the huge increase in participation in outdoor activities due to the COVID stir-craziness.

Club membership has increased substantially over past years. As well, use of the trails at Murphy’s Point Provincial Park has increased dramatically. Skiers from all across the region, many first-timers, snowshoers and walkers have been accessing the trails. This is a great thing but walkers are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to stay off groomed ski trails. Dog walkers are reminded to keep their pooches on a leash at all times.

Distance Challenge

If you are like us, you are champing at the bit to put skis on snow! We need to get outside more than ever but Mother Nature is not playing along. In anticipation of the ski season, we have devised a challenge for you. We call it the Kilometre Count.

We want you to track the kilometres you ski and send them to us. We will keep a running tally of your total distance (classic and skate combined) and post it periodically on our Kilometre Count page (and probably Facebook).

All you have to do is click on the link (also listed under Programs), fill in the form, and submit it. The distances will be tallied weekly(ish).

Skiers who surpass distance milestones (50km, 100km, 150km, and more) will be acknowledged at the end of the season.

Good luck!

Going the distance!

Skiing Permitted

As soon as conditions allow, cross-country skiing can begin. The Province of Ontario’s latest COVID-19 restrictions do not affect cross-country skiing operations or clubs. As long as other protective measures are followed, skiers can enjoy the great outdoors and escape the reality of the pandemic lockdown for a while.

Please refer to the Club’s COVID policy on our dedicated pandemic page.