Executive Minutes 13/11/25

Tay Valley Cross Country Ski Club

Pre-Season Planning Meeting

Monday, November 25, 2013, 7:00 p.m.

McMartin House


Present: Drew Lampman, Denise Guerin, Brad Mills, Rick Sauder, Dave Reesor, Don Frizell, Don Boyle, Nancy Gaudreau, Phil Brackenbury Regrets: Ray Schmidt  Absent: John Gibb-Cars ley

Adoption of the Agenda – The meeting was called to order shortly after 7:00 p.m. and the agenda was adopted.

President’s Message – Drew welcomed Denise Guerin as the club’s new Treasurer.

Minutes of the Sept. 9 Pre-Season Board Meeting – were summarized by Brad.  MOVED: by Phil Brackenbury SECOND: – by Rick Frizell, that the Minutes be adopted. CARRIED

Appointment of Committee Chairs and Reports – The following slate of Committee Chairs was appointed by the Officers/Executive Committee(President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary.  Membership Coordinator Ray Schmidt was absent):

Youth Coordinator: Nancy Sweetnam

Loppet Coordinator: Nancy Gaudreau

Trails: Don Frizell

Grooming: Dave Reesor

Membership Coordinator: Ray Schmidt

Website: Ray Schmidt

Members at Large: Don Boyle, John Gibb-Carsley

Youth Report: Drew on behalf of Nancy: The six coaches (Drew Lampman, Nancy Sweetnam, Brian Rauwerda, Colleen Bracken, Hillary Lawson and Tobi Kiesewalter) are organizing a planning meeting.  They will be able to accommodate 30 participants in their program.  They are looking at running programs on Saturdays and Sundays.  Cost will be $15 to cover insurance and materials. They have asked the groomers to prepare a large circle at Lally for the Bunny Rabbit program and a similar area at the septic field near the main gate, for the Jack Rabbit program.  Drew has tried the Skike Trainer and hopes to make use of it in future fall pre-season training sessions (on loan currently from Don Boyle’s son). Youth/Adult Training – Rick and Nancy are prepared to run classic and skate skiing clinics (Saturdays?) from 12:00 to 3:30 (see attached info sheet – request that Ray post it on website).  Nancy suggested they could run skill sessions on Sundays beginning at 1:00 focusing on a different skill each week – pre- viewing of related YouTube video would be part of the training. Rick and Nancy will have participants complete waivers. They may plan a Feb. 14 Full Moon/Valentine Ski.

Loppet – Nancy Gaudreau: Nancy outlined a number of ideas she has for this year’s loppet: one or two loop options (15 or 25 km), cookies for awards instead of medals, kilted division to tie in with Perth Kilt Race, Team Option, prizes for best Loppet photos, separate 3-5 km skate race.  Phil LaFlamme is not available  for Safety Committee/Course Marshall position – a replacement will need to be found.  Ski Patroller Ron Arbuthnot and St. John Ambulance are available to come.  Drew mentioned several spouses of ski club members who are ski patrollers who could be approached as well.

Trails – Don Frizell – see AGM Trail Report.  Subsequently, Don coordinated a trail clean-up on Nov. 23.  Five volunteers participated, covering the completepark including the Round Lake loop.

Grooming – Dave Reesor – Two of the snow machines have been serviced.  Athird machine will be service by Steve, the park mechanic, in the next week or two.  Two new grooming mats have been made by Dave and Drew with rubber material provided through Nancy Gaudreau’s husband Louis at OMYA.  (Since this meeting Dave and Brad groomed the main part of the park with the mats on Friday November 29 following the 25 cm snowfall on Nov. 27). Chain Saw Course – Phil. Brackenbury, Dave Reesor, Jack Roe and Brad Mills are registered to take the Chain Saw Operator course offered by John Ferrier on two Saturdays, Nov. 23/30.  Cost of the course is $316.  MOVED: by Rick SauderSECOND: by Don Boyle, that the four participants be reimbursed $316 each to cover the cost of the course (total of $1264).  CARRIED (Since the meeting, all four completed the course)

Membership/Website – Brad Mills relayed info from Ray Schmidt’s email:Rick Nancy and Drew will provide more detailed info to Ray about the Youth and Adult skill programs. They will have this to Ray before his Dec. 12 update.  Rick suggested that info on the website be grouped more by topic if possible.

Promotion and Recruiting – Nancy G. wondered if we should have a Facebook page.  Don’s son Peter is willing to set one up. Denise brought up the issue of privacy and posting photos.  Release forms may be needed for Youth and Child participants.  Drew will see what other clubs use Facebook and how they use it.Brad will update the brochure to reflect this year’s fees and include the club website.  Denise has offered to photocopy 200 sets of brochures with waivers.

Other – Denise mentioned that there is an ING account containing $12. Denise has researched investment vehicles for the Rserve Fund and has found a short term redeemable certificate with a $1000 minimum that offers .8%.  Don also mentioned that Treasury Bills have good rates.  MOVED: Denise SECOND: Phil B. that Denise close the ING account and invest the Reserve Fund in a Short Term Certificate at a rate of .8% CARRIED

Meeting adjourned around 9:00 p.m. Minutes prepared by Brad Mills on December 2, 2013.


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