AGM Minutes 13/11/04

Tay Valley Cross Country Ski Club Annual General Meeting

Monday, November 4, 2013 Dufferin Square Board Room, Suite 202, 105 Dufferin Street, Perth, ON MINUTES

MOVED: John Gibb-Carsley SECOND: Phil Brackenbury, that the agenda be adopted. CARRIED.

PRESIDENT REPORT: Drew Lampman welcomed everyone and introduced Curtis Thompson, Superintendent of Murphy’s Point Provincial Park. Curtis expressed his appreciation and support for the ongoing partnership between the park and the club.

Minutes of the Previous AGM – Brad Mills summarized the minutes of the 2012 AGM.

MOVED: Don Boyle SECOND: Don Frizell, that the minutes of the 2012 AGM, distributed electronically to the membership by Ray Schmidt and summarized by Brad Mills, be adopted. CARRIED

Business Arising from the Minutes – There was no business arising.

Treasurer’s Report – Beth Graham gave her final treasurer’s report (attached) and an Auditor’s Report prepared by John Gibb-Carsley (attached). Drew thanked Beth for her work as treasurer. MOVED: Phil Backenbury SECOND: Frank Roy, that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted.

Membership Report – Ray Schmidt reported that 158 individuals, consisting of 56 Family and 27 Individuals were members in 2012-2013.

Very brief Committee Reports Trails – Don Frizell gave his trails report (attached)

Grooming – Dave Reesor was unable to attend.

Brad reported on his behalf, that two heavy rubber mats had been acquired from OMYA courtesy of Louis Gaudreau and that Dave and Phil B. would fashion them in to grooming mats before the ski season. The chain saw course that Dave and Brad were intending to take was cancelled. Brian Rauwerda offered to check with John Ferrier who is an accredited instructor to see about a course. Curtis Thompson confirmed that a course offered by John would be recognized by the park. (Since the meeting, Brian contacted John, who is willing to offer a small group course for 3-4 people over two days for $280 – John’s cell # is 613 254 3476).

Youth Programs – Drew reported on behalf of he and Nancy Sweetnam who was not able to attend. There were 20 Jack Rabbit participants in 2012-2013 led by Nancy, Drew and Brian. Three more coaches, Colleen Bracken, Hillary Lawson and Tobi Kiesewalter will be added this year. Each Jack Rabbit participant will be charged $15.50 to cover NCD insurance and some course supplies. Nancy Gaudreau and Rick Sauder had eight adult students last year at an introductory level. They will continue that this year with a focus on both classis and skate skiing. They are also hoping to do some half hour Sunday afternoon skill development sessions.

Loppet – Nancy Gaudreau reported that the Loppet will take place on Sunday February 9, 2014 with a back-up date of Sunday February 23. The event is listed on the club and NCD websites. Nancy is aware of a Canadian Ski Patrol volunteer who is willing to train people in our club. Don Boyle and Nancy have prepared a Community Groups and Schools survey to assess what activities and services that the club should be offering, with some focus on the Loppet. Members are encouraged to go to the website. Survey link is on the home page.

Bylaw Revision – Brad reviewed the Bylaw revision process. Past President Don Boyle had suggested some changes to reflect current practices. The Board reviewed these changes and voted at their September 9, 2013 meeting to recommend them to the membership for adoption. Ray Schmidt sent the revised bylaws with changes in red to the membership on September 11. A 2/3-majority vote at the AGM was required for ratification. MOVED: Don Boyle SECOND: Ray Schmidt, that the changes in the Bylaws proposed by the Board be adopted. CARRIED.

Membership Rate Increase – MOVED: Ray Schmidt SECOND: Phil B. that the 2013-2014 rates be increased to Family $65 (from $60), Individual $50 (from $45) and Student $25 (unchanged). CARRIED.

Election of Officers – Drew asked Past President Don Boyle to conduct the elections. In keeping with the newly adopted Bylaws, President and Vice President are two-year terms (2013/2014 and 2014/2015). Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Convener are 1-year terms for this 2013/2014 election to re-align with the new Bylaws. They will be two-year terms starting in the 2014/2015 elections.

Following are the nominations and results: President: Drew Lampman, NOMINATED by Jack Roe: ACCLAIMED Vice-President: Phil Brackenbury, NOMINATED by Drew Lampman ACCLAIMED Secretary: Brad Mills, NOMINATED by Drew Lampman ACCLAIMED Treasurer: Denise Guerin, NOMINATED by Drew Lampman ACCLAIMED Membership Convener: Ray Schmidt, NOMINATED by Drew Lampman ACCLAIMED

Other Business – John Gibb-Carsley asked how we should be monitoring payments for day-use payment and membership validity. Curtis informed us that park staff does do spot checks in the parking lot Mon-Friday and occasionally on weekends if warranted. When they see a vehicle without a club membership or day-use form displayed, they place an “Attention Park Visitor” flyer on the windshield informing the owner of their responsibility to pay. He cautioned us against confronting anyone about non-payment and asked that we rely on the park staff to deal with this.

Adjournment – MOVED: by Drew SECOND: by Jack Roe that the meeting be adjourned. Drew and Phil B. welcomed and introduced Shannon Baillon to the AGM for her Post Meeting presentation on Healthy Living (handout attached). Prepared by Brad Mills, Secretary on Nov. 7, 2013

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