Last Year’s Clinic – Participants’ Remarks

“What Was Said By Participants In Last Years Classic Technique Clinic, Feb. 2013”

“Thank you for the great session yesterday.  I enjoyed the outing and  learned a tremendous amount. I am glad you provided us with thenotes, it helped me to solidify my new learning.  I would keep the same format in future clinics.  The lecture in the cabin was valuable and timely.  I liked your teaching method of demonstrating a particular skill then giving us time to practise.  Your feedback was greatly appreciated.  I would  be interested in attending any future clinic you would be giving in the future.     Thank you,  B. R.”

“Thanks so much Nancy and Rick,  I joined in late, but I learned some good tricks and tips. I feel more confident and want to try new things and tuck a little tighter. Still don’t like the speed but that’s what snow ploughing is for…..   It was a beautiful day. Thank you for taking your day to teach us.  As Rick requested, we will send in our likes and dislikes (can’t think of

any dislikes now).   J. & D.”

“I just want to thank you again for your classic ski clinic. I learned a lot. Now I just have to get out there and practise, practise practise.  I was very impressed by your expertise and by the amount of information you were able to cram into a few short hours. The information you presented was clear and well organized, and your demos were most helpful. I appreciated your patience while you observed us and your feedback while we tried to mirror your demos. You were both excellent at answering our questions. The page of notes that Nancy provided is a good reminder of the main points to focus on. Thanks for doing that Nancy. I’m sure I’ll refer to it often.  I know that balanced feedback should include some negatives but I really can’t think of any…   Thank You Both, L. S.”

“Hi Rick and Nancy,   Thanks again for the great lesson. I thought you organized it very methodically and that you spelled each other off well. There was a steady stream of positive but constructive feedback and you managed to get a lot accomplished over the four hours. It would be great to have this once or twice a year, soon after the first good skiing weather,,,

I really appreciated both of you spending that time with us yesterday. I like to know what I’m doing and I know I’ve been lacking good (or any!) technique.   G.S.”

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