Free Cross Country Ski/ Snowshoe Shuttle Bus

The Tay Valley Cross Country Ski Club has partnered with Lanark Transportation to provide a free shuttle between Perth and Murphys Point Provincial Park.  The shuttle will hold up to nine skiers/snowshoers.  Donations to help cover the costs of the shuttle will be accepted (cash or cheque only).

The shuttle will assist individuals living in Perth, who do not have their own means of transportation, to take advantage of the wonderful skiing and snowshoeing opportunities at Murphys Point.  The shuttle also promotes a more environmentally optimal method of accessing Murphys Point, as it will allow for numerous individuals to get to and from the park without each having to take their own car, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

Frequency and Timing: Snow conditions permitting, the shuttle will run every Saturday between January 7 and March 10, 2023.  The Club will cancel a Saturday shuttle if the weather forecast suggests that skiing conditions will be unsafe or unavailable.  Check this website and our Facebook page Friday evening for any cancellation notices.

Pickup locations: There will be three pickup spots in Perth (north, central, and south). The north pickup spot will be outside of the Dollarama in the Perth Mews on Highway 7 (12:30).  The central pickup spot will be outside of the Crystal Palace (12:35).  The south pickup spot will be at the Conlon Farm parking lot, near the chalet/canteen (12:40). PLEASE NOTE: The exact timing at pick up locations will depend on the number of people picked up at the previous location. (it may take a little longer to load many passengers with lots of gear, for example).

The return shuttle will have two pickup spots at Murphys Point Provincial Park.  The primary pickup will be at 3:00 pm at the main winter parking lot.  The driver will also go to Lally Homestead if one or more shuttle riders have not returned to the main winter parking lot.

Being on time for the shuttle is critical for riders. The shuttle will not wait for those who are not present at the allocated time.  Arriving several minutes early is therefore highly recommended.

Reserving a space on the shuttle: If you would like to reserve a seat on the shuttle in advance, please call the main line at Lanark Transportation (613-264-8256).  You will be asked which of the three pickup spots in Perth you prefer, and reminded of the associated pick up time.  Reservations are not required.

Shuttle cancellations: The Ski Club may cancel the shuttle if the weather forecast suggests that the skiing conditions will be very unfavourable (lack of snow, extreme cold/wind chill, icy conditions).  If we cancel due to weather, the Club will post a notice on the main page of this website and on our Facebook page by the end of the day on the Friday before the Saturday shuttle.

Age restrictions: All riders must be at least 18 years of age or if under 18 years of age, be accompanied by an adult. This is a rule enforced by Lanark Transportation.

Important things to consider

  • You will have the option to leave boots and other belongings on the bus while skiing.
  • You will be in the park for approximately two hours.  You will need to dress appropriately, bring water and a snack, and have your cell phone available in an emergency.  Cell phone coverage, however, is not reliable.
  • You will be asked to sign a waiver when entering the shuttle.  The waiver makes it clear that you are responsible for yourself while you are at the Park (like any other individual arriving at the Park with their own transportation).  There will be an area on the waiver where you need to add the name of an emergency contact, along with their phone number.

Safety Considerations: Although not required, for safety reasons we highly recommend that you ski/snowshoe with a buddy. Also it is important to know that there are two warm-up huts, one in the centre of the Park and one at Lally Homestead, that are available for skiers. Planning your ski routes and when to use the warm up huts will keep you warm, safe, and able to catch the return shuttle on time.

Access to ski/snowshoe equipment: For individuals who do not have access to ski equipment, the Club is willing to canvass its members to see whether any member has equipment that they are no longer using (of the size needed), and are willing to donate that equipment.  Please contact Phill Brackenbury at for more information.

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