Club updates

Here are a few updates from our club’s recent executive meeting:

Trails: A big THANK YOU to all the club volunteers who came out on a rainy Saturday morning. Trailboss Phill reports that the cleanup day on November 13 was very
successful. Ten yards of mulch was spread on the rough portions of the Loon
Lake Trail and a snow fence was erected along the same section. The proposed re-routing of the entrance to the Round Lake Loop across from the winter parking lot was brushed out. Volunteers walked the trails, removed dead fall, and cut back brush through our network of trails.

Grooming team: Four groomers are returning and a fifth has volunteered to join the team. Training will be held in early December.

Climate Change: As lovers of nature and winter, our members are concerned about the impacts of climate change on our sport but also the effect of our activities on the climate. The club’s biggest contributor to climate change is trail grooming. The executive has passed a motion to establish a Green Fund focusing on the purchase of carbon offsets through tree planting and the future purchase of EV grooming equipment. Donations to the fund will be made through the membership page and through requests on this Website as well as our Facebook page. In September, the Club executive authorized a payment of $300 to the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation for tree planting.

AGM Summary

Here are a few highlights from the AGM:

  • This marks the 39th year in partnership with Murphys Point Provincial Park!
  • Drew and Phill are returning as President and Vice for one more 2-year term with no extensions. They were acclaimed.
  • Last year was a banner year for memberships with 310. The Park expects another busy year so they have increased staff to help with traffic and parking.
  • The club has money in the bank for operating and some in reserve. We are in good financial shape.
  • Trail clean-up has started and the main work day is Saturday, November 13th, from 8 to 12.
  • Youth and adult lessons/programs will continue this year with COVID protocols.
  • The 5-person grooming team did a great job as many of the groomers learned on the job. Robert stepped down as coordinator at the end of the season. Bob will coordinate grooming for this season.
  • The Lanark Loppet was replaced with the virtual race and the Distance Challenge last year. This year, the loppet has been tentatively scheduled for February 6th.
  • The club is trying to minimize its carbon footprint. Several ideas were discussed including buying carbon offsets and buying electric groomers. Club member Mary suggested the Park install an EV charging station. Climate Action is on the agenda for the upcoming executive meeting.

That just about sums it up. If you want to contribute to the club, there are many ways you can pitch in (Drew and Phill are seeking replacements, for one!). Go to the Contact page to reach out.

AGM & Trail Clean-up

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the AGM on Monday, November 8th at 7 p.m. The meeting is virtual. If you are a current member or a past member from last year, you will receive an invitation to join.

Next on your calendar is the Trail Clean-up which was rescheduled to Saturday, November 13th from 8 a.m. to noon. Meet at the main gate with good walking shoes and work gloves.

Club exec prepares for season

The club executive met recently for the first time this season to tie up some loose ends from last season and to prepare for the next.

Here are a few things of note for all club members:

  • Trail maintenance: Saturday October 16th is trail clean-up day. Past members will receive an invitation to join the clean-up crew soon.
  • Membership: membership renewal is coming up. It will be online registration only.
  • The AGM will be held on Monday, November 8th, at 7 p.m. via ZOOM. An invitation and a link to join will be sent out to all past members in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned to this page and our club Facebook page for current information.

Skier tops 600kms!

Nancy Gaudreau did it! She climbed to the top of the leader board by skiing at least 16km every day over the last week of the season and broke the 600km mark. CONGRATULATIONS Nancy!

Nancy’s Vermont home had similar snow conditions to ours, although she was able to get out earlier than we could. Snow conditions and the the club grooming team helped make it possible for many local skiers to rack up more kilometres than they have in past seasons. Many thanks to the grooming team! You guys were amazing!

Well done to all skiers and snowshoers who got out to enjoy Murphy’s Point and the trails. The Kilometre Count distance challenge is now closed. Check out the Leaderboard here.

Top Skier Nears 600km

Robert Mears is getting close to the 600km mark for total distance skied this season! Can he squeeze in a few more kilometres before the heat and rain wash away his chances? Only time will tell. Jim Reain is the second place male but he is almost 300kms behind Robert.

Nancy Gaudreau is 40 klicks behind Robert and is the top woman…by quite a bit! Mary Stewart is in second place more than 100 kms behind but still racking up over 400kms.

We are cheering you on, Robert and Nancy! Reach for 600km before the season dries up!

Check out the distance challenge leader board on our Kilometre Count page
(under programs).

Is this Robert and Nancy at the end of the season?? Photo by IAIN MCGREGOR/STUFF

Virtual Loppet Reminder

Don’t forget to ski the Virtual Loppet this year. You can do it anytime. And…you can ski several times to improve on your time!

The course start/finish line is marked as are kilometre markers. The distances have changed slightly due to grooming patterns. Enter your time and other information on the Google form.

Visit this year’s Loppet page for all the details.

Skate the Lake

The Big Rideau Lake, that is.

Just off the shore of the town of Portland, you will find a world class outdoor skating oval. This 1 kilometre long oval is cleared of snow and maintained with a Zamboni every year in preparation for an outdoor speed skating competition. The International Big Rideau Lake Speed Skating marathon was first held in 2004. Normally, the “Skate the Lake” hosts skaters from around the world. This year, of course, is different.

You can don your skates in the little park near the shore, shuffle out, and then skate to your heart’s content. Check out their site for more details.

The “Skate the Lake” organizers are hosting a distance challenge, much like ours (see their site for details). We have added a skating category to our distance challenge BUT only for skating on the oval. Sorry, your backyard rink won’t count.

So get outside to classic ski, skate ski, snowshoe, or skate the lake…you choose!

Valentine’s Challenge

Are you ready for your first ever Valentine’s Day Ski Challenge?

This February 14th, you and a partner can compete to ski as many KMs as you can between 7:30 am and 7:30 pm on Valentine’s Day 💕 This is a Cross Country Ski Ontario (XCSO) challenge.


  • Can my partner be in a different club or region than me? YES.
  • Do my personal KMs for this challenge also count towards the general distance challenge? YES
  • Where do I record mine and my partner’s KMs for this challenge? Record them here on our club tracking form. We will upload to the provincial site.
May be an image of rose and text that says 'Valentine's Day KM Partner Challenge! How many kilometres can you and a partner ski this Valentine's Day? *See below of details'

Top skiers near 300km

Check out our Kilometre Count page to see who is at the top of our Distance Challenge leader board.

Any club member can enter the distance they have travelled on skis or snowshoes, at Murphys Point or anywhere else (enter the info on our form found here). The challenge is open until March 14th. Our top skiers will be honoured at the end of the season. Anyone skiing over 50, 100, 150, 200km, etc. will also be recognized.

Get out there and ski or snowshoe…and challenge those active folks at the top of our list!