Classic Skiing

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Here’s a brief overview of our Classic Technique Clinic:
Before heading out, a brief discussion of modern cross country skis, their design, the merits of both waxable and waxless bases, and a short discussion on waxing; then, on the snow:

  • Start at the beginning: falling down and getting up;
  • Classic diagonal stride: emphasis on use of poles, weight shift and maintaining your glide;
  • Classic technique: kick double pole, double pole, changing technique to rest and maintain efficiency;
  • Downhill technique, skiing in control: nordic snow plow, step turns, double pole and a demo / introduction to christie and telemark turns;
  • Turning and stopping;
  • Climbing uphill: herring bone, side step, classic technique and running;
  • Learning to use the terrain to your advantage to be an efficient skier; which technique for which terrain;
  • Introduction to skate skiing: depending on progress and interest of the group.

A long but inspiring video produced by CANSI.

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