Jackrabbits eat Taffy

It’s a little know fact that jackrabbits love eating maple taffy on snow. If you don’t believe us, check out the photo below. Last Sunday, a photographer in Murphy’s Point Provincial Park caught a whole nest of jackrabbits nibbling contently on the sweet stuff.

Jackrabbits from the Tay Valley Ski Club enjoy the sweet treat on a beautiful winter Sunday!

If you didn’t know, Jackrabbits is the name of our club’s kids’ ski program. Named after the famous Norwegian skier, Herman “Jackrabbit” Johannsen, who is credited with introducing the sport of nordic skiing to North America. Among many other developed trails in Ontario, Quebec, and New York. When he died at the age of 111, he had been the oldest person alive. He is buried in Saint Sauveur, Quebec.

While our Jackrabbit program won’t guarantee that kind of longevity, it will improve your children’s quality of life! If you or your children are interested, email our Jackrabbit leader and Club President through our Contact page.

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